The MySql data engine


A basic interface to the MySql database server.

The filter parameter, requested in many tags, it is the WHERE and ORDER clauses in the SQL language.

The TIP_Rcbt and TIP_RcbtNG engines provide a set of useful tags to access the underline data object directly. For example, if you want to show the user called 'nicola', you can use the tag select(`user`='nicola').

Also, a typical case is a source like the following one:

<h1>List of the first ten users whose name begins with 'c'</h1>
{user.forSelect(WHERE `user` LIKE 'c%' LIMIT 10)}
  <p>{user} ({publicname})</p>

In the above example, the forSelect is called from the 'user' module. Also, the forSelect is by definition an SQL select method: this means the command will be expanded to the following query:

SELECT * FROM `tip_user` WHERE `user` LIKE 'c\%' LIMIT 10
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