This is TiP, a general purpose framework for quickly build a working web site in a typical PHP/MySQL environment. It is targeted at developers, experienced web administrators and anyone unafraid of hacking and using a text editor.

If you want a weblog, an eCommerce site or a wiki platform there are powerful and better open source alternatives to TiP. But if you are a web designer, used to get hands dirty with HTML and CSS stuff, or you find yourself spendig too much time in hacking instead of programming, TiP can be an option... and you can build a weblog, an eCommerce site or a wiki platform using TiP too.

Although today there are a lot of PHP frameworks, when I started developing web sites (2004) the alteratives were not so much. I choosed to use a PEAR based approach and TiP was the glue between the different modules. Since then, it has evolved into a different beast, keeping the original intention under the pear directory.


Drawbacks (AKA TODO)

There is still some room for improvements. These are, in my opinion, the most important improvements needed:

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